Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing

Friday, October 12th, 2012 @ 4:25PM

Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing – a technique used to dramatically boost production of oil and gas from difficult to reach geological formations – is essential to increasing domestic energy production. While it has been criticized by some in the environmental community, responsible domestic producers are working hard to eliminate any potential dangers to the environment.

“Ironically, new U.S. fossil-fuel production could create allies for an energy deal in Washington. During Obama’s first term, a revolution in hydraulic-fracturing technology (“fracking”) unlocked vast new reserves o oil and natural gas trapped in shale, transforming the nation’s energy picture. While just five years ago it appeared that the nation faced growing dependence on foreign oil and gas, it now seems possible that North America will be the world’s biggest energy producer within a decade. The White House is supportive of fracking, because the boom could create up to 1 million jobs and because shale gas produces about 30 percent less carbon pollution than coal. Electric utilities are building power plants to run on gas, not coal, which will also slow the nation’s carbon output.”
National Journal Magazine, December 8, 2012

The Council for a Secure America recently hosted an educational trip to the Bakken field in North Dakota to demonstrate the most current techniques being used in hydraulic fracturing.

Included in those taking part in the trip were Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) – a senior member of both the House Energy and Commerce and Foreign Affairs committees–, key energy staffers for Congressman Engel and members of CSA from both the Jewish community and domestic oil and gas industry.

This was the first of a number of trips being planned by CSA to energy production sites in the United States and to the State of Israel.

The delegation was briefed by energy officials from the State of North Dakota and visited a site where hydraulic fracturing was being utilized.