Stop the Demonization: Israel Needs Bipartisan Support

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Stop the Demonization: Israel Needs Bipartisan Support

Israel Needs Bipartisan Support

The Middle East grows more and more volatile each day. Israel emerged from a contentious election, Hamas launched rockets against Israel, and the Israeli army responded with lethal force. President Trump ordered a carrier group to the Persian Gulf, and Iran announced it would not comply with the nuclear agreement that restricted its capacity to make bombs. All of these events happened in May.

The latest agitation was a statement by Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. “There is kind of a calming feeling I always tell folks when I think of the Holocaust,” she said before claiming that Palestinians suffered “in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews.” This is a repugnantly tone deaf and woefully contorted version of history. It is also a grave disservice to the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats in Congress who profoundly disagree. Read the full article here

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