Vance Long – Director

Vance M. Long has practiced as an independent Petroleum Geologist for almost 30 years, and is based in Abilene, Texas. He began his career as a consulting well-site geologist working with numerous companies in North Central Texas. As horizontal drilling technology emerged, Vance was involved in the application in its infancy. When 3-Dimension seismic developed, he was active in applying this new method to exploration programs. He has drilled horizontal wells in many states throughout the U.S., but focused primarily in Texas. He continues to generate prospects and actively participates with multiple oil companies and is involved in numerous exploration programs.

Vance began making trips to Washington DC several years ago as an advocate for the US domestic energy producer. He also speaks to groups from local luncheons to national conventions educating the public on horizontal drilling and fracking. He is a past board member of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers and serves as current board member of the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance. He is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist, the Abilene Geological Society, and a licensed Texas Professional Geoscientist.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Geology from Abilene Christian University in 1985.